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VIP and Bottle Service

A glass you may get with bottle service

Bottle service allows people to get a dedicated table at a nightclub and they're usually served by an attractive female or male. The area is usually overlooking the dance floor and/or is very close to the DJ booth.

I think that it is best to ask what gender they want the person serving them. Many nightclubs have a "no touching policy" to ensure the safety of the server.

Sometimes the area is given their own stock of items. This may include a bottle of liquor, mixers, and snacks. Some Redbulls might be included in the price.

Bottle service is also known as table service.

What are the advantages?

People will have a guaranteed entry rights to your nightclub and a guaranteed place to sit with a good view of an action. Since some nightclubs also offer guest lists the real perk is the seat and personal service.

There's no need to wait in entry or bar lines. Sometimes their personal server will meet them outside to take them into the club.

An attractive person serving them can be a bonus. I know that I would enjoy this aspect.

If people don't like crowds getting a table could be a good option.

Some people also like to the feeling of getting better service than the rest of the people in the nightclub.

Services offered

Typically a server is standard but sometimes tables get someone on security too.

Some nightclubs stop the music and play a specific tune each time that an expensive drink is ordered. This could be problematic for your other customers and I would advise against this.

How much to charge for a night of bottle service?

$300 is generally considered a good starting point but you can discount this on quieter nights. The price can increase considerably depending on the location of the nightclub and for special events.

The price that you charge would normally exclude tips and taxes.

Many nightclubs have different prices according to the liquor ordered.

Some nightclubs do pricing based on the number of attendees.

Should your nightclub offer bottle service?

I think nightclubs should offer bottle service; especially if they're in a prime location or are a busy place.

Table locations

The higher priced tables will be placed overlooking the dance floor and/or near the DJ booth. Tables further away from the action are generally cheaper to book.

Costs of providing bottle service

The first ongoing cost is the staff; an attractive server and maybe someone on security.

The second regular expense is the inventory. Usually this involves a bottle of alcohol, numerous mixers and maybe light snacks.

Another expense would be the furniture. This could be a table and numerous comfortable chairs.

You would probably also want some rope barriers to block off the area. It could be wise to do this before the guests arrive at their table. If people are forced to move from their table they will be unhappy and you don't want any mess from people who haven't paid for bottle service.

Responsibility of a table server

Most people would want someone attractive and friendly. It's worthwhile to have friendly staff anyway.

If a group is arriving together they'd probably want to be met by their server outside.

The server should be able to mix drinks when requested. It'll be helpful if they could mix cocktails but this skill is probably unnecessary.

Clearing away empty glasses or offering refills will be part of their job. In addition they should be able to keep the area clean.

How to offer it on your website?

Many nightclubs have a page on their website that has pricing information on it. People could then order via Email, phone or an order form. You might want people to pay a deposit first that would at least partially cover your immediate expenses.

Is bottle service worth it to customers?

If they want the VIP experience of skipping lines, no cover charge and a dedicated server it's probably worth it. Cover charges in Vegas are $50-$100 and drinks can be $20. $400 split between four people sounds reasonable I think.

On the surface people paying $400 or more for something they can get for $40 may seem strange but they're really paying for the extra perks of bottle service.

Who purchases bottle service?

People on higher incomes are more likely to purchase bottle service. Examples include young guys from rich families or middle aged people with disposable income.

People may purchase it for someone's birthday. Sometimes they will have people outside the attendees too.

Word of warning about reviews

People that order bottle service expect the best treatment. Some expect to be treated better than the rest of the people at your nightclub. Failure to deliver a premium service could result in bad reviews on websites.

Ensure that you have enough staff and inventory to accommodate your bottle service guests. Some clients also don't like the other customers bothering them so you may want to place the security accordingly.

I concluded much of the information above by reading reviews of people's experience with bottle service.

Other concerns

There's a criticism that it's harder to monitor binge drinking with bottle service. However from my perspective the server can monitor binge drinking; the potential problem could be whether the rules are enforced.

Some people believe that it gives an elitist vibe to nightclubs.

Thanks for reading

I hope that this article has educated you on bottle service and provided a few tips on how offer to it.

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