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Pool tables for nightclubs

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Should you have a pool table at your nightclub?

Many people like pool so if you have the space a pool table can be a great addition to your nightclub.

If your venue is small and it's packed often then you may not want a pool table.

Best size for pool tables

The typical size for pool tables that bars and clubs is between 6 and 8 feet. You can find a 8 foot pool table below.

Many players wouldn't want to play of some of the smaller tables out there. An 8 inch table is generally considered good for bars and nightclubs.

You should have at least 5 feet of clearance around the table. The reason is that most pool cues are just under 5 feet and this amount of clearance should allow people to use the cues comfortably.

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Bar Pool Table Accessories

The accessories that you need are balls, cue sticks, rackers. The pool table above has these accessories.

Another thing that you may want is a cue stick rack; this is usually mounted to the wall.

Players would appreciate a supply of chalk to use on the cue tips.

If you want to complete the look you may want to get some hanging pool lights.

Position and the design of the pool area

You'd want to put your pool table 5 feet away from the wall to give people easy access to the pool stick rack.

If you allow for 5 feet of clearance either side of the table then this means that the area would be 10 feet beyond the size of the pool table.

A wooden floor could be better than carpet because it minimizes the need to level the table. The downside of a wooden floor would be scratching caused by putting metal/wooden shims between the table and floor.

You'd want to minimize the amount of strobe lights in this area and you probably wouldn't want to position a haze/smoke machine nearby.

Ways that a pool table can help your nightclub

You can put it in your advertisements that you have a pool table. This may attract people to your venue.

Numerous web pages exist online that promote nightclubs with pool tables. Getting a pool table would allow your nightclub to be listed on those web pages. This could result in free advertising.

People may mention that your club has an pool table in their online reviews.

Pool nights can be held. You can charge a cover fee and put some of the money towards prizes. Other prize could be bar tabs.

You can even get coin operated pool tables and charge per game. If you don't have a coin operated pool table then you can just rely on customers to pay the venue and/or have security occasionally monitor the table.

If you choose not to charge for your games then "free pool" can be a selling point of your club.

Pool can also occupy customers even if your nightclub is quiet. Some people may even pop in early to drink and play pool.

Pool table maintenance

To keep your table looking good, you need to do the following things often.

Don't use ammonia-based cleaners on wood surfaces. Moving an assembled pool table without professional assistance can be a very bad idea as it can mess up the alignment.

Getting a pool table cover can prevent the cabinet from fading.

You would need to replace the felt every so often. You may need to replace the railings too.

House rules

Many nightclubs would have rules for players so they minimize damage to the pool table. You would probably want the staff to know about these rules too. The rules we were suggest are:

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