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To avoid legal problems and bad reviews it may be wise to pay attention to the safety aspects of your nightclub. In this article you will learn our safety tips for nightclubs.


If you offer parking for staff members ensure that the parking area is well lighten. Two or more staff members going to the car park can increase safety. Ensure that the staff members who are driving don't drink on the job.


You could be better off with a completely flat entrance as drunken people can have problems with stairs or steps. If your nightclub is unlikely to be located on the first floor consider getting a place with an elevator.

It could be a good way idea to have several security employees near the door as people with epilepsy have problems with the lights. You may want some of your security trained in first aid and placed near the entry points of your venue.


I don't recommend stairs in your venue but if you must have them ensure that the lighting is good. A hand rail on both sides might be a good idea.


As stated before some bouncers trained in first aid stationed near the entrances might be a good idea to help respond to situations for example epileptic fits.

Bouncers should be fit and strong.

They need to know how best to throw people out. Some self defense training might be worthwhile.


Cameras around the place can help with security.

Cameras pointed in front and above the cash register could help you discover the people who may be thieving. You may want to point cameras where alcohol is stored to monitor thief.

It's helpful to have cameras all around your venue as you can use the footage as evidence when people make complaints against your staff.

Since the cameras are for a nightclub you need cameras with automatic night vision mode.

Problems from the locals

Some of the locals may cause problems and in drastic cases you may need to ban them. Ensure that the main security near the door know who has been banned.

Good practices

Most clubs don't let people in who are already intoxicated and don't serve people who are too drunk.

You may want to tell your bouncers that if people can barely walk in they probably shouldn't enter your venue.

The serving rule has a flaw because people order drinks for others. Bouncers should be good at spotting drunken people.

Policies to protect employees

No touching policies are common, even for high paying bottle service customers. You may want to encourage staff members to report any unwanted touching to the bouncers so they can take further action. In many cases the action would be kicking the offender out but calling the police may be more an option if the employee wants to do this.

Employee background checks

Employee background checks are a good idea. Bouncers with violent histories can cause problems for you. I imagine that it is a bad idea to have employees handling the till if they have a history of thief.

It's a good idea to ask for references and check the validity of the references. Some people give references who are actually their friends. If a person mentions they worked for another establishment you may want to contact the establishment directly rather than just calling a number.

Cleaning up after people

People may break glasses; broken glasses should be cleaned up immediately so it doesn't cause issues.

Dealing with wet areas on the floor could be important as such areas can increase the chances of people slipping. Your security people may be the best ones to occasionally monitor the floor and they can get someone to deal to it.

It's good to clear away empty glasses as this gives people fewer items to knock over.


Concrete is popular because it provides better acoustics but carpet can be softer if people fall.

Clear space

It is good to have lots of clear space in your nightclubs without objects getting in people's way. This can help prevent accidents in the form of people banging into things.

Building standards and platforms

You should comply with all building standards and codes or you may be forced to close.

If you have dancing platforms ensure that they can support numerous people dancing on them and are properly maintained.

Safety checks

Regular safety checks are a good idea, you may like to do them before you open for the night. If something is problematic remove it or close off the area.

Amount of people in your venue

Your venue could have a legally enforced limit on amount of people allowed in your venue. These limits exist for a reason. If you don't have one it might be good to set a number.


Ensure that wires are where people can't accidentally interfere with them.

Secure equipment

Ensure that equipment is secure and is not prone to moving or falling. They need to be mounted appropriately.

Fire exits

You would need a few fire exits to let people get out of your venue quickly. Some on each wall could be good. Ensure that these exits are clearly labeled.

Fire extinguishers

It's good to have numerous fire extinguishers around the place and near lights and other devices.

Write down your procedures and incidents

Writing down your procedures can help people follow them. It's also helpful if people suddenly need to step into roles.

You may want to write down your incidents to keep record of them. It's possible that you would be required to log them anyway. Logs could be helpful in disputes.

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Now you know our advice for creating a nightclub with high safety standards.