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Nightclub lighting

Nightclub lights

In this article you will learn about the different lighting you see in nightclubs and what effects are possible.

Laser lights

Laser lights come in two types: L.E.D. and traditional.

L.E.D. offers the flexibility of different colors. they can flash patterns and can rotate.

Traditional lights depend on electromagnetic radiations to create beams of light reflected on mirrors to create multiple colors. They might be harder to setup than their L.E.D. counterparts.

L.E.D. lights are more energy efficient and last longer than traditional lights.

It's common to see lasers that move.

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Light is typically projected out using alogen lights, lasers or Led for reflection. Usually the lights will move and sometimes will change colour. Some are sound activated.

These can be used in combination with coloured mirrors to form patterns like stars. You don't need mirrors to form patterns; some could do that automatically.


Different color lights (usually L.E.D.) are put on the same surface then light up at different times.

The individual lights are smaller than lasers or projectors and might be more suitable for smaller areas.

A common effect that I see at concert is a white light matrix which displays bright light all at once.This can light up the entire place and can have a flashing effect too. I don't like this effect as I find it hard on the eyes but it is common at popular events.

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Disco balls

While disco balls are not a lighting sdource by themselves. When combined with a lighting source like a laser light or light panel it reflects light in many different places.

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Retro lights

These were a concept similar to disco balls. The difference is the lights are part of the ball. This is more common for mobile DJs who bring their own equipment.

Lighting effects

Modern lights are capable of different effects. They may have strobe effects which makes them flash. Some change colors and and some also move.

Many are sound activated.

Energy efficiency

L.E.D. are known to be extremely energy efficient and last longer than traditional lights. Some areas may have specific regulations to ensure venues use energy efficient lighting.

Ongoing costs of lighting a nightclub

Since L.E.D. lights use less power they will be cheaper to operate. Since they last longer you will spend less money on replacements.

Mounting of lights

In my opinion lights should be positioned near the ceiling as this will help reduce glare on people's eyes. Usually lights do not come with mounts.

Lighting safety

Ensuring your nightclub has safe levels of lighting can help avoid lawsuits. Stair and entrances should have good lighting.

Does lighting equipment have to be expensive?

You can get products from Amazon for less than $100 each. The lasers that cost $1,000+ do the same thing. My advice would be to look at products with the most reviews and if you don't find many complaints regarding reliablity it's probably a good sign.

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