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Nightclub event ideas

Nightclub event where people wore masks

If you need to draw in crowds you could try throwing events at your nightclub.

You need to advertise such events in advanced. You can do this by putting use up posters around your nightclub and advertising it on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Here are some nightclub event ideas.

Dance Party

This may seem like an obvious suggestion but this may be good if you have a popular DJ for a night.

Mardi Gras

This is usually thrown on Mardi Gras. It can be a masquerade ball and people can wear consume and masks.

Purple, gold and green are the colors of Mardi Gras so you may want to decorate your nightclub accordingly.

Halloween or Costume Party

You can get people to wear costumes for the night. Usually this is an event or Halloween but there is nothing stopping you for hosting this any time. Other variations of this theme include dressing up like animals or an extravagant make up party.

Beach Party

People come in beachwear.

Women may wear bikinis. Men may go shirtless or wear tank tops. Shorts are usually common at this type of party too.

Tropical cocktails can be served and plastic palm trees can be positioned around your nightclub.

After party

If there's a concert or other popular event you could host an after party. You can partner with the prior event or host an unofficial after party.

Cheap Drinks Party

You could discount a particular drink for the night and make it an event. Some examples include Five Dollar Fajia and Margarita Madness.

Wet T-Shirt Contest

You get a group of women and/or men on stage and get them to wear a white T shirt. You then spray them with water, especially their chest area. This makes the shirt kind of see-through.

Once the participants chests are wet your customers to vote on who looks the best. This is usually done by bringing the contestants up one by one and getting seeing who has the loudest reaction.

Talent quest

This is an event where you can get people to do a performance in front of a crowd and the crowd chooses the best ones. Typically you would get entries beforehand.

Judging can either be done by a panel or by getting the crowd's reaction.

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White Party

This is a party where everyone wears white. Alternatively you can make it a Black Dress Party or Ladies in Red. Any popular dress/shirt color would work for this type of party.

Black Out Party

This is a party with no lights but people would have glow sticks.

Concerns around safety are legitimate at this type of event I think. People may struggle to see people and this could cause additional accidents and unacceptable behavior. Proceed with caution is our advice.

Glow stick party

People bring or buy glow sticks for the night. This is different from a Black Out Party as the lights are going.

Ladies night

A night targeted at ladies. You could have pink balloons or other decorations.

Singles night

This is a night to allow singles to mingle and dance.

Movie premier parties

This is done after a popular movie premiere. Customers can dress up like characters from the movie. Merchandise can be displayed around the nightclub.


You can either make up your own awards or host an evening for an organization. Organizations may include community groups or sports teams.

If throwing your own awards custom trophies can be created. You will have to decide who gets an award or go through a voting process. This can be a lot of work compared to the other types of nightclub events.

Those were our ideas

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