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Nightclub contest ideas

Dart board used in a contest at a nightclub.

One way to get people in your nightclub is to hold a contest. I have compiled a list of contest ideas below.

Audiences can judge some contests. Generally you would ask them to applaud and whoever gets the loudest applause wilns.

Alternatively you can have judges. Celebrity judges might be an option too, even if they're local celebrities.

Cash or bar tabs could be good prizes. You could give out novelty medals too if you want.

Mr/Ms Nightclub

This can be several contests. People would compete in them all and the winner would be awarded the title Mr./Ms./Mrs. Nightclub. See ideas of contests below.

You can choose to have separate gender categories but some may prefer not to.

Cocktail competition

You supply the participants with ingredients and they make cocktails for a panel of judges. The cocktail would be poured into the judges' glasses for them to have a little taste.

You may want people to submit their ingredient list in advanced so your nightclub can acquire the ingredients.

Dance contest

One way to do a dance competition would be get people up on stage and have them dance to a full song or a segment of one.

You can have people enter the competition themselves or you could get audience members to nominate the dancers.

A couples' dance content is another idea.

Nightclub idol

This is a singing competition. Perhaps you could have two rounds and the audience would vote on who wins.

Best Joke/One Liner

To do this you get people on stage and people tell jokes or say one liners. The person who gets the loudest laughs wins.

Talent quest

You could do a talent quest. Participants get on stage and perform their talents.

Best Dressed

This can supplement a costume party. People get up on stage and people vote on who's the best dressed.


Many nightclubs have pool tables so you can have a pool contest. If you don't have one you could borrow/rent a pool table.


If you have a dart board you can have a dart contest. Ensure that people don't dance in the way of participants throwing darts.

Pub quiz

If your nightclub has tables and chairs you can have a pub quiz. Usually people form a team around a table and the announcer asks them questions.

People can shout out the answers. You could also have the teams write the answers on some paper and collect them.

Another form of this can be to get people up on stage and answer questions.

Quizes are usually based around a specific theme. Event posters etc should match the theme.

If you don't want your staff to compile questions you can hire a quiz master.

Party games

You could have a table on stage and have participants play games like "Beer Pong". You'd need other items such as balls and plastic cups.

Guess the number

Participants can guess the number of lollies in a jar. The person who guesses the closest number wins. This could supplement an event.

You can substitute lollies or the jar with anything else.

Wet shirt competition

Participants (usually attractive women) wear white or light shift T shirts without anything under them and the shirts get very wet. People vote on who looks the best.

Guys can have a wet T shirt competition. They can also get shirtless and have a "wet boxers" competition.

Best Legs

You can have a "Best Legs" contest. You can make the contest based around any other body part.

You might have a "Best Chest" competition for guys.

Twerking competition

The audience could vote on who twerks the best.

Poll Dancing

If your club has a poll you can have a poll dancing competition.

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