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Best microphone and stand for nightclubs, bars, live performances

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What microphone and stand should I get?

The Shure SM58S is an industry standard. Get this at Amazon

This device is durable as it has a built-in shock-mount system. While we wouldn't recommend "dropping the mic" if accidents happen, you shouldn't need to replace the device.

Most of the parts on the wired version should be replaceable. This can be a cost saver over the long term.

Wireless solution can be more prone to interruptions so they're not ideal. Shure has a similar wireless mic, get one at Amazon.

This microphone is optimized for vocals but it's also great for instrumentalists.

For each microphone on stage you would probably want a stand. Get an adjustable microphone stand at Amazon

The range in height is 33.5" inch to 60.24" and the base has a diameter of 235mm. It weighs 9.92 pounds so it should be easy to move around on stage..

How many microphones are needed for nightclubs?

If your nightclub has live bands, karaoke and/or open mic nights. I believe that two would good as a minimum number of microphones.

Bands can have up to five singers and sometimes more. These bands are rare. Unless you're hosting a band similar to One Direction this will probably be overkill.

If you really think your venue would host bands with lots of singers then I'd recommend going with four or five microphones.

If your club doesn't host the events mentioned above you may still want two microphones in case you're holding bar contests.

It'd people be wise to have an extra microphone for backup purposes. So in most cases nightclubs should have three microphones. A backup stand might be worthwhile too.

Optionally you may want to fit a microphone in the DJ booth too.

Even if your club just has DJs that don't require mics owning a few mics could be good for hosting private functions. This would be a potential revenue source for your venue.

A quality microphone is an investment

Investing in quality microphones can be a good way to ensure artists and customers have the best experience at your nightclub.

If your microphones cut out this could reflect badly on your bar. Artists and customers may be annoyed too.

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