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Best ice machine for nightclubs and bars

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I have searched Amazon and I have found this cost effective ice machine by hOmeLabs.

This machine produces 45 ice cubes every 11-20 minutes. It can store 29 pounds of ice cubes. The size is about 1" x 1" and they're square cubes.

The time that it takes depends on the thickness of the ice which is adjustable by pressing the + or - buttons on the unit. The + button increases the thickness and the - button decreases it. For every push of the increase it raises the time that it takes to produce a batch of ice by 1 minute.

It is a fairly quiet machine but it does make a bit of sound when the ice drops.

It comes with an ice scoop, a 6'5"drain hose and a 9" hose for an external water supply.

Cleaning this machine is also easy.

The weight out-of-the-box is 62.4 pounds. The product dimensions are 15.7 x 17.6 x 31.4 inches.

To ensure optimal performance do not cover the front as this will disrupt air flow and cause the machine to overheat.

It should be standing upright for at least 24 hours before first use.

The product is approved for indoor use only.

If your nightclub is particularly busy you may want to get a second unit.

Get a hOmeLabs ice machine at Amazon.