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Bar tools and equipment

Silver cocktail shaker which is a bar tool that you may use

This article will go through the tools and equipment that you need to run a bar. If you're a bartender you need to be familiar with them.


Corkscrews open wine bottles and are essential in a bar. Many types exist but you know that you have a good one when it has a small knife to cut foil from the tops. A popular model is known as a sommelier's knife or a waiter's friend, which has a small lever arm to wedge the cork out of the bottle.

Other versions of this tool include winged models with two separate levers and automatic models. They also come in unique designs.

Another name for a corkscrew is a Wine Key.

Regular bottle openers

You also need regular bottle openers to open other bottles such as beer bottles. You can get custom bottle openers to match the branding of your bar.


You need shakers to mix ingredients in mixed drinks.

Some shakers come with their own lid but some are sold without one.

Shakers without lids are usually referred to as "tins". You would use a pint glass to seal it, place it bottom up into the tin. Always tap it before shaking to ensure that it's sealed.

Measuring Tool

You need to measure accurately in a bar as if you give the customers too much liquor it could cost the bar money.

One example of a measuring device is a Jigger, an hour-glass shaped steel measuring device with both sides measuring a different amount. An example combination would be one side measuring 1.5 ounces (45 mills) and the other measuring 1 ounce (30 mills).

Bar Spoon

This is a long mixing spoon. It often has a lemon zester or something similar on the other end. The length allows it to reach the bottom of the tallest jug or tumbler to mix ingredients directly in the glass. Bar spoons are generally narrower than regular ones making it easier to stir drinks in martini glasses.

Swizzle stick

A swizzle stick is another popular item used to stir drinks. You can also use the back of it to create layered shots.


Some ingredients in cocktails would need to go in an electric blender.

High-end blenders are designed to crush ice and blend heavy fruit purées. You probably don't need a high-end blender if you're at home and are not doing these things.

Circus Juicer

If your bar makes juice from fresh fruit a Circus Juicer is a must-have.

You need to cut the fruit into pieces and place it into the juicer. When the juice is ready simply squeeze it into your mixer.


A grater can be used for spices and herbs such as fresh ginger, or for citrus fruits such as lemon or orange.

Small knife

You would use a small knife to cut herbs and spices, cut wedges of citrus fruit, or create zesty twists to garnish drinks.

Any small, sharp knife will do, just ensure it's comfortable to hold. You don't need a fancy chef's knife.

Drink strainer

This attaches to a shaker to pour a drink after the shaking process is complete. Without this your drink will contain little pieces of the ingredients that were used to make the drink.

It's typically used for drinks containing fruits, ice, herbs, or anything else besides liquid.

Mixing glass

A mixing glass is a glass used to quickly chill cocktail drinks, primarily by stirring with ice using a spoon and straining with a strainer. This can also be a metal container. Some designs enable you to shake a drink to chill it.

Pour Spout

Pour Spouts are placed on the tops of bottle to give a smoother pour of the drink. This makes spillage less likely.

To use this item just twist the sprout on the top of an open bottle.

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